Wooden Venetian Blinds

Wooden Venetian Blinds Bateman’s Green 

Windows are the way to our home’s soul as our eyes are our windows to our soul. For sure, you don’t want to settle for anything less in giving your home the allure of beauty and elegance. Satisfying that desire, Origin Blinds offers these premium quality and luxurious WOODEN VENETIAN BLINDS.

Why would Basswood be the world’s favourite wood for shutters and blinds?

Its unique qualities are difficult to beat: Basswood is a hardwood which makes it incredibly tough and able to withstand life’s wear and tear; it has less of a tendency to bow than other woods, so it’s highly stable; wood is a natural insulator so Basswood blinds offer excellent energy efficiency; it’s relatively light weight; accepts all stains; and creates a natural atmosphere of warmth in the right setting.

Do note that Basswood is sensitive to environmental factors such as direct sunlight and humidity, so is best used for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and office spaces.


Here at Origin Blinds, we have worked extremely hard to ensure our quality is not affected by our prices, with our dedicated team of specialists and thousands of customers, the enables us to order in bulk which of course keep our prices low. We are extremely proud of the excellent reputation within the blinds industry and will continue to move forward, ensuring prices are always kept low and the quality is at the very best.


Here at Origin Blinds, we believe in giving our customers a choice, this is why we provide over 2,000 different colours as a standard choice, we can even colour match for your home to ensure your getting exactly what you want. To see our latest range in our venetian blinds collection call us 0121 769 2717 or click here to arrange a free measurement and fitting consultation.



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